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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Breaking out of your comfort zone...

As an aspiring actress, my comfort zone is probably very different to a lot of other people's. I feel most comfortable when I am on a stage performing in front of hundreds of people. This would probably be some people's worst nightmare but different people enjoy different things... But how do you know if you don't enjoy something if you don't give it a go? 

Today's post is inspired by me and my own stubbornness. I had the opportunity to go out around where I lived for a friends birthday. I didn't really know anyone and I am a complete prune in social situations that I am not used to. At sixth form or opening evenings where I am socialising, I am really good at it. In my town, going out 'partying' however, I am not. Rather than giving it and go and possibly meeting some new friends and having a really good time, I stayed at home and wrote this (not that there is anything wrong with writing this, but you get my point)

I started to question: Do I never go out because I don't like it, or do I not like because I never go? 

I have never particularly being one for going out and partying, I would much rather be sat at home reading a good book, but I think that I need to give it a go more often. Even if I don't like it, I went and I gave it a go. 
Going out and socialising in that way is going to be something that I will do in order to make friends when I go away to university so it is important that move away from my comfort zone now in order to be more comfortable then. I think it also helps you to grow as a person and gives you more of an appreciation for the lives of other people and what they are interested in. I was talking to Mum about this (Mum will appear in almost every blog post, sorry) and she was saying how she had friends from all aspects of her life. They all had different interests and she could do different things with all of them, having fun but in different ways, which I thought was a lovely way to look at it. If coming out of my comfort zone means that I potentially make some friends for life then it sounds good to me. 

Moving away from your comfort zone can be anything: you might take up a sport, do your school talent show or text the person you like first... ANYTHING, but, after tonight, I feel like making that step is important. Yes, you might totally hate it and never want to do it again but at least you know. You might also absolutely love and find a new hobby, a new talent or a new friend. 

I was looking for a relevant quote to use for this post and they were absolutely endless so I thought I would give you a couple and you can see which one inspires you: 

'Life begins at the end of your comfort zone' 

'... Get out of your comfort zone. You have so much incredible potential inside' 

'You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward, uncomfortable and try something new' 

Thanks for reading this guys! If you do try something new let me know in the comment or on twitter. 

Jamie-Lee xx

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The future, being happy and eating brownies...

For my first long blog post I found my inspiration on twitter. With AS exams coming up, all my friends (and me actually) are in ultimate stress mode. The other day I saw a tweet from one of my close friends asking 'Where am I going?' followed by many extremely depressed looking emojis and it got me thinking. Where am I going? 
After pondering this question and over thinking every single possibility (and eating around 7 pieces of brownie) my Mum asked me what I was moping about. (She also asked me if she could have a piece of brownie but that is off topic, although I will post the recipe because they were divine!!) 
The conversation then went a little bit like this: 
Nb. When reading 'me' imagine it in the most whiney voice you can imagine.

Me: Where am I going in life? 
Mum: I have no idea...
Me: but, but *sniffling everywhere* how do I know which is the best route for me? 

Get ready for this bit because this is the good part...

Mum: Right now you aren't expected to know where you are going. You just have to do things that you enjoy and that make you happy and then one day those things will lead you somewhere. You can't panic about the future because no one knows what will happen. Just do what makes you happy. 

Obviously, at first I continued to mope but the more I thought about it (and I hate to admit it) I decided Mums know best. How are we suppose to know what the future holds? All we can do is try our best and do what we love. Surely if we are doing things that we love, it we lead us to the place that is right for us. 

At the end of the conversation, apart from feeling a little bit like Doris Day in 'The man who knew too much', I felt a lot better! The conversation then continued: 

Me: So, where are you going?
Mum: Me? I'm going to the kitchen the get a brownie.. 

Well, there is an insight into what makes Mum happy. 

Things I hope you take from this post:
1) Do what makes you happy.
2) Try your best.
3) If in doubt, eat a brownie.

I hope that this made you feel a little bit better if you was wondering where you are going. And if you have any comments, feel free to post them below. 

Jamie-Lee xx

Ps. Here is a picture of the brownies (as you can see they were pretty incredible) 

Milk and two sugars...

Hi everyone!
I am Jamie-Lee and I am a 17 year old drama enthusiast who has a passion for tea and cakes. This passion led to the name of this blog: 'Milk and two sugars', just how I like my tea! Admittedly, I try to limit this to one sugar or if I am feeling really good a sweetener but when I am not lying to myself (or alone) this is what I go for. I am an aspiring actress so expect a lot of drama rambling on here and frequent posts about my obsession with fictional characters.

Anyway, on this blog I will be posting anything and everything! At the minute I am taking my AS exams (brilliant time to start a blog, I know) but I will post whenever I can and it will become more frequent once they are over. If you guys have any questions for me or would like to hear more of my ramblings you can follow me on twitter and I will try my best to get back to you!


So, I hope you enjoy my blog and you will have to bare with my lack of technical ability.

Ps. How do you guys like your tea?

Jamie-Lee xx